I have always been interested in transport. My first job was at Leyland Vehicles and transport has been a constant strand in my life even while I have been working in completely different fields.

This area of the site focuses on topics around transport which have not been covered in depth elsewhere, or where I feel I can offer a fresh perspective.

Was the Routemaster really such a great bus?

THE LONDON ROUTEMASTER IS STILL PROBABLY THE BEST-KNOWN BUS IN BRITAIN, AND POSSIBLY THE WORLD.  But how good was it really?  It was one of three advanced designs that marked the swansong of the traditional front-engined double deck bus in the UK.  The others were the low-height Bristol-ECW Lodekka, and the technically audacious BMMO D9.  Let's have a closer look at all three and consider whether the Routemaster deserves its crown, or it belongs elsewhere.

This article explains the background to these buses and describes each in turn.  I then consider them from various angles, before arriving at my verdict.  Read on and find out if you agree.


The silent servants

FOR OVER SEVENTY YEARS BATTERY-ELECTRIC LORRIES AND VANS quietly shifted our rubbish, picked up our laundry, brought us our groceries and delivered our milk - before almost disappearing from our streets. Now they are set on a renaissance that will utterly eclipse what they achieved in the twentieth century. Whilst what is happening now is very exciting, it is fascinating to learn how we got here. Take the link on the right to a comprehensive and detailed history of these vehicles in Britain from the late-Victorian era all the way up to today.

Moving stories

Here is a selection of pieces I have written about topics where I was either directly involved with the project or very close to it.  They have been thoroughly researched and I hope provide close to definitive accounts.